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About us

Graduated in 1981 from College Marie-Victorin in Montreal, it has been more than 30 years now that Pierre Poisson has been evolving in the fashion and clothing industry. Thirty years of experimentation and evolution have led Pierre Poisson to touch several facets of the profession; sometimes designer, sometimes cutter, patternmaker, costumer, entrepreneur, merchant or craftsman.

Over the past twenty years, , Pierre Poisson has been working to give PLUS size women original and good quality clothing. The clientele enjoys the chic and comfort of the creations. The brand Poisson is also distinctive by the selection and use of materials and original embroidery rarely offered to plus-size customers. Pierre Poisson shirts and jackets have that much-appreciated French look; turn up the collar, flip the cuffs and voila!

The products of Pierre Poisson are handcrafted in Québec : fabrics are individually cut and sewn from start to finish by the same dressmaker. The buttons are sewn by hand and pressing is carefully executed. A true artisan approach.

Over the years, Pierre Poisson has won several regional awards, in Canada and abroad, including the 1989 Woolmark Awards (Toronto). He was also a finalist at the 1987 Japan Fashion Design Contest (Tokyo).

Since few seasons, adding to his PLUS size production, Pierre Poisson is offering more regular size style and also a new line of fabrics accessories such as face coverings, scarfs, fabrics bags, hats and sleepers made with the left over fabrics from his main production. For more than 20 years now, Mr. Poisson has been meeting his customers directly at high hand craft shows in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec city, those opportunities enhance the understanding of the challenges encountered by plus-size women and their way of dressing.

The entire Poisson Design team thank you your interest, and wish to develop a simple, sustainable and friendly relationship with you.


Pierre Poisson